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Friday, July 22, 2011

Peeling back the layers

I love using a potato peeler; it beats using a knife any day.  But I never got the hang of peeling away from me. As a result, I peeled my thumb yesterday.  It hurt a tad, but I’ll recover.

Sometimes you have to peel away the layers to see what’s beneath.  Sometimes it hurts.  Hopefully, you'll recover.

When I’m trying to pinpoint the absolutely best way to present a story, it hurts my brain to think so hard.  With each new version, I peel back a layer; and yet a feasible solution eludes me.  But, finally, it hits when I least expect it—just like the name of the person you’ve known for years that you unexpectedly encounter in the grocery store.  You feel badly as the person asks about your husband, your kids, and your dog, all by name, while you’re thinking, “Who ARE you?  Do I even KNOW you?” 

Then, you wake up in the middle of the night with the name and connection firmly embedded in your mind.

It's a matter of peeling back consciously with the subconscious finally coming to the rescue.

Sometimes, you have to let the same thing happen in relationships.  You should peel away at layers, and then listen to what the subconscious tells you.   

But, remember, learn to peel responsibly. 

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