Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't worry. Be happy.

Life is good.

I worry.  I worry during the day and, of course, during the night when things look the darkest, both inside my head and out.  This has been going on indefinitely.  It’s evidently the way I’m programmed.  I agonize over something I did or didn’t do, fret about things I may or may not do, and worry about things that have very little to do with me and over which I have no control. 

I decided to reprogram myself, and it’s going very well after 24 hours of time invested.

I’m taking up a mantra. 

Life is good.  Because it is.  I have a wonderful husband, a lovely home, great friends, and two of the sweetest kids there are.  I’m able to do what I love—take care of my family (even long distance) and write.  What do I have to worry about?

All day yesterday when a subconscious worry niggled its way into my conscious thoughts, I repeated Life is good.  Life is good.  I woke up numerous times last night—signs of my age—with this thought in my mind:  Life is good.  Life is good.

What else can I say?

Life is good.


  1. What a fun, crazy video and song that strives to drown out a deep and serious problem everyone deals with. Can we simply just repeat something to ourselves like "Don't worry. Be happy" to solve the issue of worrying? If so, it's only temporary. So, why do you think there is so much worry even when we can make a list of great things in our lives? What is the root? Is life really good? Is there more?

    I hope it's not too early in the morning for deep thoughts...

    :) I love you, my friend!

  2. I worry because I'm a perfectionist in theory (but not in practice). In the past 48 hours I haven't been especially successful at disciplining my mind during daylight hours--thoughts have a serious way of flitting, don't they?--but I have succeeded at listening to my "Life is good" mantra at night. Way to go, me! :-)