Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Voted best, most unusual vacation ever!

Nestled in the hills of western North Carolina lays an inviting workshop. Run by Drew Langsner, Country Workshops offers periodic how-to sessions in a remote, idyllic setting. Last week, my husband started with this:

And ended with this:



Steve will weave the seat soon.


Drew’s wife, Louise Langsner, works the garden, and, boy, are we glad she does! This lady really knows her way around a bean! With hearty soups, fresh eggs, homemade breads, and other luscious treats, we ate exceedingly well. I'm sure all of us wanted our own Louise.

While Steve did his thing in Drew’s workshop with two other not-afraid-to-work apprentices, Jim and Dan, I hiked past the cows to the neighbor’s studio to learn how to draw from marvelous artist Nancy Darrell. Before I took art lessons, the best face I could draw was this:


Afterwards, I managed this:

Not bad for either of us, huh?

I plan to write more about Country Workshops. Any suggestions on where to submit?


  1. I want to be you when I grow up. I am still continuing my drawing project. I have about 6 pictures remaining. I think I take too long to do each.
    For some reason, I did not see your A-Z until today, although I read your profile once before and do not remember it in A-Z format. So you must have done this revamp since I first read your profile. I am now going to try my own A-Z.

  2. PS: Because copying is the highest form of flattery, said someone...some time ago...

  3. Thank you very much--high praise, indeed!