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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Continued Coverage

May 3, 2011.  New information states that there were 150 tornadoes, 9-12 of them being designated killers, which ripped through Alabama last Wednesday knocking out 96 major transmission lines and destroying 311 steel transmissions towers.  President Obama declared thirty-one counties as federal disaster areas.  Businesses that typically use a lot of power are not getting their full power back yet for conservation purposes; residential areas simply have greater needs.  The mayor of Huntsville was quoted as saying, “All the way through August, we’re in a makeshift situation.”

The good news is that the expected storm did not hit last night.  Instead, a steady rain moved in at 4 a.m., bringing with it 58 degrees rather than the predicted 40.

As of yesterday, only fifty percent of Madison County had power so the curfew still stood.  There’s talk of lifting it today.  An email to the editor of The Huntsville Times revealed a disgruntled response to the curfew; the writer’s son had walked a neighbor home but was arrested because he had no ID on him.  It took eight policemen to do it despite the fact that he offered no threat.  “Why can’t they respond as quickly when we call about the hookers?”

Madison City designated the Madison City Stadium as a collection point for spoiled food.  People turned in 35 tons yesterday.

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